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tv   ABC2 News at 530PM  ABC  December 18, 2009 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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cover all of maryland, southern pennsylvania, just about all of virginia, down into north carolina. the storm system will be tracking across our region. this is probably the worse case scenario as it passes through the region. right now on radar we are picking up snow to the southwest of d.c. making its way up the 95 corridor. on the eastern shore they are already picking up rain and freezing rain. it will change to all snow also as the temperatures continue to drop into the upper 20s throughout the evening. here's your forecast. cloudy skies. snow arriving. a winter storm warning is in effect. that will be in effect until sunday morning. our temperature will hold around 32 degrees in the city. colder temperatures in the western suburbs. snow will be a major one in the baltimore area. how much will accumulate? we have the answer coming up. >> thank you. this is the type of storm you'll want to follow on tv and the web. is ready now. you can get the forecast for
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your neighborhood and check out interactive radar. we have an app for your i- phone. we have live radar and other cool stuff as well. we will be on air starting at 7:00 in the morning. we'll be tracking the storm across the area. keep it here for closings and delays. in recent days and weeks carbon monoxide left people in our area sick. we have one in little river earlier this week. property is owned by the same company that owns the village apartments. these kind of leaks prompted a bill to enforce all landlords to install carbon monoxide detectives in all units. now congress is looking to make
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carbon monoxide detectors mandatory in all homes. >> we talked about buying alarms. i asked her to buy my son nick another toy truck instead for his birthday. now i have that truck but i do not have any son >> reporter: in fact she lost two of her three sons a few weeks later and almost lost her own life sickened and confused as carbon monoxide poured from a malfunctioning furnace. >> i didn't realize my babies were dying a few steps from me. i couldn't help them for myself >> reporter: they had been to the doctor several times for flu-like symptoms. the doctor would send them home to rest where they got worse because of the colorless, odorless gas was in their own home. >> i listen to zach breather
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every night in my sleep. i would give my life to have that night back >> reporter: carbon monoxide is easily detected with a co alarm and yet only six states require alarms across the board in all homes. consequently only half of americans have the protection of one of these alarms. >> you better darn well have a carbon monoxide detective in your home. it is a safety device that's not use enough. congress is looking for legislation to require carbon monoxide to meet certain standards. the consumer products safety commission says every home should have one carbon monoxide detector. ideally you would have them on every level of your home and
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outside every separate sleeping area. you need to change the batteries when you change your clocks like smoke detectors. another carbon monoxide leak in our area is among
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a look at what happened on wall street. dow up by 20. nasdaq up 31 point s&p 500 up 6.39. get this, after 23 years pepsi is not going to be running as during the superbowl. they have been one of the biggest advertisers running commercials every year since
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1987. now they'll shift ad dollars online. frito lay will still run commercials this year. micheal phelpss is speaking out about tiger woods. he says he feels sorry for the golfer and his family because of the scrutiny he's been getting. he wishes woods and his family well. he's found himself in a difficult situation after being seen with a marijuana pipe. it took more than a year but baltimore officials decided where to put a bust of frank zap pa. the statue was given to the city of baltimore from fans from lithuania. he never went there but his music is popular there. they wanted to donate a chew to a statue to baltimore. we have a sneak-peek of one
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when he finally got off he went to his mother and police took him away from her to hand him back to his fathe they have not been seen since. now it turns out the court order produced by the boy's
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father was fake. >> it is fair to say that the court was not given the full picture. >> it is the hardest. >> still going on, mexican courts have reversed the ruling and awarded full custody to the mother but they cannot find the boy. a new jersey man is fighting his way through courts in an effort to win custody of his son. now he's up against the clock. he flew to rio rio yesterday >> reporter: the argument for giving him back custody of his son is simple. >> it is a parent and a child. not two countries. not big governments. not judges. it is justing the right of a parent and their child. it is so simple >> reporter: but it hasn't been simple. he's spent more than five years
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to get custody of his 9-year- old son who was taken to brazil in 2004 by his ex-wife. she died last year and the stepfather refuses to give him up. >> i'm just a dad. we were best buddy. we'd play in the pool. i'd take him to school. i'd read him books. it is beyond cruel >> reporter: on thursday another set back when a supreme court ordered another review of the case. >> i don't know how and why this keeps happening and hopefully it will stop >> reporter: but it seems it will not stop soon. the family insists that the boy wants to stay in his mother's native country and should be given an opportunity to testify. for david goldman the problem is timing. the court doesn't go back in session until february. >> this is the pursuit of the
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truth and what's in the best interest of the boy >> reporter: this brazillian family invited david to join them for christmas eve with shawn. he says he doesn't just want to visit his son. he wants to take him home to live. the big story tonight. the winter storm. it is not affecting just us. the winter storm is bringing snow, sleet and freezing rain to the mountains in north carolina. city of ashville could get up to a foot of snow by tomorrow night. crews are urging people to have energy supplies ready for three days. i think you were saying this sounds like a drifting snow that we are expecting up here. >> the problem is there will be
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a lot of it. at this point in time i hope my forecast is wrong. i hope we get less. this could be a major situation. on top of it the high winds tomorrow will be causing drifting. when you see four or five inch pile up on your driveway shovel it off then. if you wait until the end you'll have a hard time. look outside. things are looking good out there now. that will change shortly. our temperature at bwi marshall 31 degrees. 51% humidity. winds east at 6. pressure falling 30.12. here are your tides tomorrow. tomorrow's winds from the at 15 to 20 gusting to 25. sun comes up at 7:21.
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temperature across the area 31 downtown. wind chill feels on the nippy side. a moisture-latent storm that's already dumped up to four inches of rain over portions of louisiana, mississippi and alabama is heading in our direction. we talked about it at 5:00. rain snow equivalent one inch of rain equals ten inches of snow. if this system gives us two inches of rainfall, convert a that to snow that's 20 inches of snow. it is possible across our region as it makes its way towards the north and east. right now it looks like -- i hope i'll wrong, it looks like through the baltimore area going out to westminster through d.c. into central portions of virginia and southern pennsylvania 18 to 24 inches likely. on the eastern shore they could see a foot of snow in ocean
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city as it makes its way north and east. the problem across the eastern seaboard high winds gusting that will cause beach erosion that will add to the problems they have had. right now maryland's most powerful radar is indicating snow making its way toward ours region. it is now just down 95. it will continue to make its way towards the baltimore region in the next couple of hours. 32 clarksville. glen rock 31. 29 churchville. 30 aberdeen. northeast it is 30. here's how the forecast works. there is where the snow is now. this is all rainfall as it makes its way north and east. that system will pull across our region. i thought it would pass to the south of the baltimore area. that's not the case. it shifted 100 miles more. we are in the middle as the
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system makes its way north and east. tonight wind storm warning. snow starts tonight. by the time you wake up tomorrow morning there will be two to four inches of snow on the ground. tomorrow snow on and off. heavy at times. looks like we'll see 18 to 24 inches likely on the ground by the time it ends sunday morning. monday, tuesday and wednesday temperatures don't warm a lot. whatever we get will stay on the ground. there is a good chance of mixed precipitation. back at 6:00 with more on the weather. >> thank you, norm. what do do what to do? there is a storm coming. that means you could be stuck inside your house for the better part of the day tomorrow. instead of sitting around avatar is a 22nd
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sent -- second >> reporter: about 145 years in the future, jake a marine paralyzed from the waist down is offered an opportunity. >> i would like to talk to you about a fresh start in a new world. you'd will making a difference >> reporter: that world is a planet far away. jake, as an avatar is accepted by the life.
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there is only one word to describe the avatar. genius. five out of five stars. snow preparations are shifting into high gear state-wide. norm will have the latest on this potentially dangerous storm. one break down, another to deal with. crews have put in the new pipes following the break in northeast baltimore. now we are dealing with another watermain break in baltimore county. we'll have the details on that. those stories and more at 6:00.
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you'll want to stick around for world news tonight. charley gibson will take a seat at the anchor desk for the last time as he ised by farewell. here is lindsey davis >> reporter: for three and a half decades as history was written charley gibson was there to tell it. >> a plane has hit the world trade center >> reporter: thursday night's tribute to the departing world news anchor man was as close as he gets to the draft. >> the draft history have been seen by the nation and the eyes of charley gibson >> reporter: he was a journalist but also a dad. >> listening ask a skill. my father is a master.
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as a result people love to talk to him. i'm looking forward to the next chapter. it is going to be exciting >> reporter: gibson is 66. he's been with abc for 34 years. he's lived and seen change in news business but has concerns about where the industry is headed. >> i believe news should be as objective as it can be. i worry in order to gain an audience the niche broadcasters are trying to stand out. they are trying to get your attention >> reporter: gibson got america's attention. from white house correspondent to coanchor of "good morning america" and the face of abc news. >> it has been an honor to work with you all. i have loved every damn day of it. thank you >> reporter: today will be the last day of his signature signoff. >> i hope you had a good day. from all of us at ab news have
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have a good night. >> stay with us for continuing coverage of the major winter storm we are expecting this weekend. lots of useful information at abc 2 news at 6:00 starts right now. get ready. the winter storm is on its way. last-minute shoppers have been getting ready for the storm. we are all over it. good evening. we could be seeing a lot of snow this within and high wind. chief meteorologist norm lewis has been tracking it with maryland's most powerful radar. he is joining us with the latest. >> you said you wanted a white christmas. it looks like you'll get it. not only are we going


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